Parish Groups

Holy Ghost is an active and friendly parish with a rich variety of groups, which we invite you to explore and get involved with.

There are many areas of parish life, be that liturgical (such as
reading at Mass, or joining one of our choirs), catechetical
(for example, helping young people prepare for the Sacraments
of First Holy Communion or Confirmation) or social (helping the Social Committee to run the annual Summer Roast, or assisting
with tea and coffee after Mass on Sundays).

There are also opportunities to assist those less fortunate, as a member of our Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) group.

All our parish groups rely on the support of our parishioners to
keep them going, and all of them welcome new members to
maintain and expand their activities.

Please do have a look to see what is on offer – and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to play a part.

  • Altar Linen Team

    Altar Linen Team

    There is a small group of parishioners which collects, washes and irons the white cloths used by the priests at Mass, on a weekly basis.  We are always looking for…

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  • Altar Servers

    Altar Servers

    The Holy Ghost Altar Servers are a team of dedicated servers. Invited to serve at any mass or service to assist the priests and the congregation in prayer. They are…

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  • Catenians


    The Catenian Association is a world-wide organisation for Catholic men.  The Balham Circle is largely based here at Holy Ghost. We meet on the fourth Monday of every month at…

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  • Children’s Liturgy

    Children’s Liturgy

    The Children’s Liturgy is a continuation of Mass and runs every Sunday during term time at the 9.30am Family Mass. All children ages three and up who have not yet…

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  • Choir: 11.30 Mass

    Choir: 11.30 Mass

    This mixed-voice non-auditioned choir sings every Sunday during the year (except for school holidays) and for major feasts of the liturgical year.  We are always happy to welcome new singers…

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  • Choir: 9.30 Mass

    Choir: 9.30 Mass

    We are small group of singers and musicians who provide the music for the children-friendly hymns that are sung during the 9:30 Family Mass. We are always in need of…

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  • Church Cleaners

    Church Cleaners

    Every week, after Wednesday morning Mass, a small team cleans our beautiful church and the courtyard.  This includes hoovering, sweeping, dusting and mopping.  If you would like to join the…

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  • Church Garden Team

    Church Garden Team

    There is a small group of parishioners which manages lawn mowing and general tidying up of flower beds and pots at the entrance of the church. We have a rota…

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  • Confirmation classes

    Confirmation classes

    Confirmation classes are offered to young people in school Year 8 and above in preparation for receiving this Sacrament. The classes are held one evening a week (normally Thursdays) beginning…

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  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

    Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

    The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the clergy in distributing Holy Communion at Sunday Masses, and may occasionally be asked to take the Blessed Sacrament to the sick and…

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  • First Holy Communion classes

    First Holy Communion classes

    First Holy Communion classes are offered to children typically Y3 (age 8) in preparation for and concluding with the Sacrament itself.  The classes are held one afternoon a week (usually…

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  • Flower arrangers

    Flower arrangers

    We are a small, friendly group of volunteers who arrange flowers at our beautiful church. There is a termly rota and everyone on the rota has at least 2 or…

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  • Gift Aid

    Gift Aid

    Gift Aid is a scheme available to charities, including the Church. It means they can claim extra money from the Government. The parish can claim an extra 25p for every…

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  • Marriage Preparation

    Marriage Preparation

    Couples from the parish who wish to marry (even if marrying elsewhere) need to complete a certain amount of paperwork with one of the parish clergy, and also undertake some…

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  • Missio


    Missio in England is part of the global network of Pontifical missionary societies which support over 1,000 mission dioceses and give grants for the building of churches, the training of…

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  • Parish Readers

    Parish Readers

    The readers comprise a group of parishioners who read at Mass on Sundays – those who are available on weekdays also read at daily Mass during the week. If you…

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  • Pastoral and Finance Committee

    Pastoral and Finance Committee

    The Pastoral and Finance Committee is a consultative body made up of between 10 and 12 parishioners who assist the clergy in the smooth running of the parish. They have…

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  • Safeguarding


    The parish is committed to safeguarding as an integral part of the life and ministry of the Church. We recognise that the welfare of children, young people and Adults at…

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  • Social Committee

    Social Committee

    We are a group of people who come together to build our parish community through social activities while fostering a sense of community spirit. We run a variety of events…

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  • Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP)

    Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP)

    The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) is an international Christian voluntary led organisation. Its membership is opened to anyone who can adopt our ethos. We believe that everyone…

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  • Tea and Coffee, 9.30 & 10:30 Mass

    Tea and Coffee, 9.30 & 10:30 Mass

    Alongside the faith of a parish belongs its sense of community. There is no better way of building community than having people get to know one another. To that end,…

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  • Welcomers


    As Welcomers, our goal is to give a friendly greeting to everyone coming to Mass, whether they are parishioners or just passerbys, and to be a port of call for…

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